Friday, 12 August 2016

Corsair Cloud Dancer Jetbike Conversions Underway

Cloud Dancer Jetbikes

What Ho my fine interwebz friends! Over the last week I have been working on a new unit for La Danse Macabre, Cloud Dancer Jetbikes. I had been doing a bit of reading over on the Dark City forum about the Corsairs, and I like their fluff a great deal, their rules are really thematic and fit into the theme of my army quite well (a roving carnival circus as corsairs seems strangely fitting I think). It is sad that the Corsairs do everything better than the Dark Eldar, and play in a style that should be how the dark kin works. Sadly this is a damning reflection on the state of said codex that even reasonably fluffy players like myself are unhappy with it. Saying that I do still enjoy playing dark eldar, so depending on how I feel, or what type of game my opponent wants (fluffy, competitive etc) I can whip out either builds and give them a good game :)

Luckily my army is extremely flexible, with each unit being able to play as another wih relative ease (my guardians can also be used as wracks, mandrakes as Ghost Walkers etc.). The plan was to convert my reaver jetbikes so they could also be multi purpose, being able to be run as Reavers, corsair cloud dancers or eldar jetbikes as needed.

The start of the project was the kitbash between eldar and Dark kin jetbikes to create a more corsair themed unit, but one that could be used as all of the above with very little quibble. Unfortunately all of my jetbikes were already assembled and glued, so I had to whip out the hobby saw and hack each one apart just in front of the handle bars, and then glue an alternate front on each of them.

The second stage was to create the weapons I needed. Obviosuly I was already kitted out with the dark kin weapons, but I only had 3 scatterlasers (why would you kit them with anthing else ;) ) so more were needed. I kitbashed one using the mount from a reaver and barrel from the eldar bikes. Once this was dry I made a rubber mould of two of them, and then did a bunch of resin casts of them all. This was fairly unsuccessful, as my mould making/casting skills are still pretty basic. I was able to salvage the barrels on most of them and cut up some more mounts to add them to. Then each bike and weapon was magnetised so I can swap out/create weapons as I require.

The basic work on these is now done. I now need to work on adding some carnival fun bits to each of the bikes, and working on converting the riders. That should be fun :)

I have also cooked up another idea that I am really excited about. It will be used to represent either Hellions or Corsair reavers with jetpacks. I leave you with this pic as an idea of what I am working towards.



Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Hero for a Day - only two weeks to go!

Hey folks. I am just posting up about a really cool 40k that is happening in the next couple of weeks, and you know what? It is all for charity! The event in question is called Hero for a Day, and is being run by Nick over at The Burning Eye blog. It is an awesome event running over 24 hrs consisting of 8 games of 40k goodness, plus food, and a raffle with some sweet prizes.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Carnival Talos Complete. Prepare the house of Cards!

Greetings o wise and humble interwebs. Hot off the painting desk I bring you the 3rd Talos for La Danse Macabre. I have literally just finished him, and got so excited I whipped out the foldio and got some pictures taken to show you all straight away :)

Friday, 22 July 2016

DZC Scourge Corsairs

Scourge Corsairs

Well hello dear readers. I have another Scourge update for you all today. I am chundering through my backlog, and my target of all owned models painted by the end of the year is looking slightly more realistic than I first thought.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Harlequin Carnival - La Danse Macabre Full Army Shots

These pics have been long overdue, and I have promised a number of you I would post up some army shots when I was able, but there was always one more unit or vehicle to finish before I felt I had a full army to show.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

DZC Scourge Minders

Well howdy hey my fine fellows! Got a bit more Scourge goodness (or badness?) to show. First up are a squad of 8 minders and their Intruder Beta dropships.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Dark Eldar Carnival Venom Complete (With Crew)

A break in the weather allowed me to apply the final varnishing for the fool crew member, and after that I got onto mounting them both to the chassis of the venom which was relatively pain free.